Sanne is a single woman and self-referred after looking on the internet for services to help her after a sexual assault. She contacted the on-call service and the worker did an assessment and continued to work with her after the initial phone call. Sanne was supported to report this incident to the Police and attend the local hospital, so documentation of the assault could occur.

Sanne disclosed a long history of severe DV to the caseworker and this was also reported with the help of her caseworker. Police were quite dismissive at this point and Sanne was overwhelmed and wanted to withdraw all the reports as she didn’t feel believed. Her caseworker worked hard and challenged the Police and due to Sanne’s trust in her caseworker, she decided to proceed.

She attended all groups and her confidence and self-esteem grew week by week. The perpetrator pled not guilty to all charges, so it needed to go to trial. The caseworker attended court with her every day and supported her after she was attacked by the defence and made terrible accusations about her morals and character. The caseworker talked through all the terrible things her ex-partner said about her on the stand. She was with Sanne when he was found guilty on all charges and celebrated with her.

The caseworker attended the sentencing with her and he was sentenced to two years with a non-parole period of 18 months. Without the support of our service, the perpetrator would not have been held to account and may have moved on to another woman and continued this behaviour. Also, Sanne would not have gained the confidence and self-esteem to stand up for herself.