Jenny was referred to Outreach in November 2020. She had been experiencing ongoing domestic violence from her husband. Jenny was married for 16 years and for roughly 14 years of the marriage she was subject to domestic violence.

Jenny had three children. Jenny’s husband was verbally, emotionally and mentally abusive and controlling. When Jenny informed her husband that she would no longer live this way the verbal violence escalated and to physical abuse and the police were called on numerous occasions over a period of months.

Upon engagement with our staff, Jenny and her mother (who she lives with) both had a provisional AVO taken out on the husband for protection. Police were having difficulty serving the AVO and her ex-husband was continually parking up the road for the house around school pick up. With staff encouragement and support and the strength and determination from Jenny, the police were called informed of his whereabouts. Jenny’s husband attended the property begging Jenny to reconsider ending their marriage and begging Jenny take him back. Jenny’s husband was regularly harassing her for over hour outside her home. Police were called and able to arrive in time to serve him with the AVO.

Staff worked alongside Jenny and her mother to stay calm and strong during this time. Staff applied for Victims Services assistance for safety upgrades such as cameras and security windows. Jenny was granted $5000 to complete the security upgrades. This helped ease some of Jenny’s anxiety around her safety and the safety of the children.

Staff support Jenny at her upcoming court appearances and were able to help Jenny navigate the complex legal system. A referral was made for Jenny to access Legal Aid to put parenting arrangements in place. A referral was made for Jenny’s older children to access children’s counselling and Jenny accesses counselling through our specialist DV Counsellor